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  • 5.18 Democratization Movement Special Exhibition

    5.18 Democratization Movement Special Exhibition in Venice

    The Gwangju Biennale Foundation and Gwangju Metropolitan City will cohost a special exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement.
    The exhibition will tour six cities in five countries: Seoul and Gwangju, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; Cologne, Germany; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Venice, Italy. These cities share a history of civilian struggle for a better life for all amid war and oppression and can now tell stories of how the cities have become important sites in contemporary art. Both in Korea and abroad, the exhibition will explore discourse and thoughts on democracy transcending national, linguistic, and cultural barriers through art.
    The movement and the city where it occurred instill hope in a world where authorities still oppress civil societies through violence. The exhibition will look at the priceless values of freedom, human rights, peace, and democracy comprising the fundamental elements of the “Gwangju spirit,” as well as connect Asia, Europe, and South America through solidarity and empathy and generate new perspectives on art. While exploring the contemporary relevance of the “Gwangju spirit” that blooms through the language of modern visual arts, the exhibition will stress the valuable legacy and influence of the historic movement in world history without political or ideological biases.
    Amid ever-increasing challenges for humanity and deepening discrimination and hatred, the exhibition is an opportunity to share thoughts and seek directions by using art as the language and imagination as the medium.