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  • Ming-yao Chang



    Who is Talking?, 2020
    corroded copperplate etching, coin
    40 × 50 × 0.2 cm

    Bikini Bottom’s Disaster, 2019
    cloth, cotton threads, marker pen
    60 × 110 cm

    Nothing Suspicious, 2019
    wood board, acrylic
    65 × 45 cm

    Bauhinia of Love, 2019
    tracing paper, acrylic, light box
    each: 60 × 60 cm

    Sunflower of Justice, 2019
    tracing paper, acrylic, light box
    60 × 60 cm
    Courtesy of the artist


    In the solo exhibition Why Are You Not Injured held in 2019, the artist used a range of artistic mediums to create works. They were largely classified into two categories, namely “scar” and “non-damage.” For the first series of works he used a variety of methods, including burning cowhide, etching copper plate, tearing papers, and stitching cloth, while also considering how to talk about the issue of creating wounds as a way of responding to images that goes beyond physicality. If the works in the previous exhibition, Why Are You Not Injured were mostly about personal accounts, for this exhibition, the artist engages with the voice of the victims of violence. In response to this issue, he decided to build a “psychic board,” whereby incisions are marked onto the surface as a metaphor for scarring. The slowly fraying coin, which accompanies the board, symbolically speaks
    of the deceased. These works seem to restore truths by summoning ghosts of the victims and allowing them to speak of the victim’s grievances and concerns. This is made possible through the transformational justice carried out by the psychic board and the coins. Through the images and symbols that are traditionally found in ink painting and literary works, the works also summon the soul of the era.