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  • Kyoung-tae Choi



    I’m the Proud Son of Korea, 1990
    woodcut print
    54 × 39 cm

    Shit! It’s Too Hot!, 1994
    woodcut print
    52 × 22 cm

    Aged Worker, 1993
    woodcut print
    60 × 40 cm

    Body in Pain, 1988
    woodcut print
    23 × 14 cm
    Courtesy of the artist


    Kyoung-tae Choi (b. 1957, Korea) received a BFA in western painting from Hongik University, Seoul, and produced woodcut prints criticizing the dark reality of the military regime and capitalism from 1984 through to the mid-1990s. His solo exhibitions include Kyoung-tae Choi Solo Exhibition (Hangang Art Museum, Seoul, 1987), and Kyoung-tae Choi Exhibition (Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, 1993). He participated in The 1st Exhibition of Time of Humans (Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, 1986), The State of Korean Art in the 1980s (Hangang Art Museum, Seoul, 1988), and The Reconfiguration of Tradition III – The Mirror of the Time, Portrait (Bukchon Art Museum, Seoul, 2011).