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  • Oh Yoon



    Twilight Labor, 1984

    Five Thieves 2, 1987


    Oh Yoon (1946–86, Busan, Korea) attempted to define Korean aesthetics through woodcut prints and publication related artworks, and played a pivotal role in Minjung art in the 1980s. He received a BFA in sculpture from Seoul National University in 1971 and founded the group Reality and Utterance in the 1980s, continuing his artistic and creative practice. His solo exhibitions include Oh Yoon’s Woodcut: The Song of Sword (Geurim Madang Min, Seoul, 1986). His first woodcut book The Song of Sword: Oh Yoon’s Woodcut was published in 1986. The retrospective and commemorative exhibition Oh Yoon, a Neighbor, An Ordinary Person (Hakgojae, Seoul, 1996) took place ten years after he passed away. His representative works include Marketing 1- The Map of Hell (1980), Vindictive Spirits (1984), and The Great Desires for the Unification (1986).