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  • Hee-won Han



    Seomjingang River, 1988
    woodcut print
    56.5 × 117 cm

    Oh! Mudeung, 1983
    woodcut print
    56 × 96 cm
    May 18 Memorial Foundation Collection

    The Arirang Series, 1985
    woodcut print
    each: 88 × 37 cm
    Han Hee-won Museum of Art Collection


    Hee-won Han (b. 1955, Gwangju, Korea) studied at the Department of Art at Chosun University in the late 1970s and worked on the subject of those who were persecuted at Yangnim Church by the dictatorship. Since the early 1980s, the artist has held exhibitions in the Gurye Market, Hwagae Market, Gwangyang Market, and Suncheon Market where the artist met farmers and marginalized communities of small villages, focusing on rural areas in eastern Jeollanam-do. The artist was a member of the Gwangju Chonnam Artist Community and Gwangju Research Institute of Woodcut, and worked as a Minjung artist resisting dictatorship. In 2015, Han opened the Han Heewon Museum of Art in Yangnim-dong. Han has recently participated in the exhibition, Viewpoint & Viewpoint: Gyeonggi Art Project, Imsulnyeon (Gyeonggi Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea, 2019).