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  • Moon Seonhee



    Dududududududu, 2018


    The slope leading to the second floor of the hospital, where the intensive care unit is located, resembles a road between life and death traveled by countless patients. Countering its weighted past, Moon turns the slope into a garden of oxeye daisies, a medical plant used for a herbal treatment. In contrast to the wilderness of the forest outside, the feeble, delicate daisies echo the youthful voices of children filling up space. As a way of re-connecting with the 1980’s Gwangju, Moon has been interviewing 80 people who experienced the May 18 as children. Despite their immediate experience, they were not central subjects of the uprising, meaning their testimonies as witnesses were never acknowledged as legitimate accounts of the past. The intimate memories of these now-middle-aged adults gain vitality through the innocent voices of children living in Gwangju today, as they recite parts of the transcribed interviews. Like a plant peeking through the cracks of history, Un/asked – Voice blooms quietly inside the hospital as we breath and listen.